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Chess artificial intelligence thinks

Deep Chess

Strong Chess Program with 20 Levels of strength last 2 levels are with Grand-master strength. Analysis mode available from position set by user.

How Deep Chess works:

In a general way chess engines use a decision tree. The root of the tree is the current position and has a child node for each position that can be made by making a legal move. Each of these nodes in turn have a child node for the positions that can be reached by making a legal move from them. The engine pushes the tree out to a depth defined by its capabilities and the time it is allowed to "think". Positions that can be reached in more than one way are simply cross referenced so that they will not have to be considered more than once. Once the tree is created the computer uses a set of weighted rules to analyze the final positions in the tree and starts to remove those that are undesirable or that the opponent can prevent it from reaching. The tree is cut down this way until only one move remains and the computer makes that move. 

Attempt for graffical representation of this process can be seen in the picture above.

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Chess Game for Windows

Released for Windows

Deep Chess is released for Windows OS.

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Chess Games for Android

Deep Chess is released for Android

We recently released Deep Chess for Android OS

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Deep Chess Amazon

 Deep Chess released in Amazon App Store 

Deep Chess is Available in Amazon App Store. Click on the button below to buy from Amazon.